The Olympics of Shame

The reason I’m writing right now is to ask to light a candle. Because I feel a bit guilty for not writing here for long time, I’ll tell you more about it.

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The Olympic Games of Shame. It happened in China. Meanwhile, thousands of Tibetans have disappeared or are imprisoned in Chinese camps.
The Olympics want to:
– contribute, through sport, to the construction of a better and more peaceful world;
– promote a peaceful society, where human dignity is a core value;
– promote respect to the universal and fundamental principles of ethics.
All this while:
– the gold medals that makes everybody talk about it was obtained by illegal mining in Tibet, where 1.200.000 Tibetans lost their lives to the Chinese invasion and occupation;
– the silver is illegally obtained from Tibetan monasteries, 6.000 of which were destroyed, thus leading to the loss of thousands of years of Tibetan culture;
– bronze, the most honorable third place is nothing but a big mark of shame on the face of Chinese authorities, who break in the most miserable way the basic human rights.,
A hundred kilometers away from a cultural genocide, thousands of athletes will performed in the name of peace!

I’ve gone through so many adventures meanwhile…I have recorded some of them and I’ll tell you about them here or when we meet.
In the period I spent in Himalaya I lived among Tibetans and I am deeply impressed by their simplicity, joy and inner peace. They are probably the most peaceful people in the world. In march 2008 had bitter clashes with an oppressing regime that has nothing to do on these lands.

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In Dharamsala, India, is the headquarters of the Tibetan government in exile as well as that of Tibet’s political and spiritual leader, the Holy Tenzin Ghyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama. I am here after I solicited, by phone, to be received. A Tibetan official invited me to a the lectures Dalai Lama himself holds.
I never could imagine that one day I’ll be given the privilege to sit only meters away from this king of kindness and compassion, to receive his teachings.
Security is at a maximum, each day the guards here check me in detail. No mobile phone or camera are allowed.
For 5 hours a day Dalai Lama talks to us about soul, path, ignorance, wisdom, truth, body, mind, spirit and enlightenment.

At the temple’s gates there are the militants for a free Tibet and for the release of political prisoners as well as lots of journalists and many tourists. 6 of the monks are in their 10th day of hunger protest, with no water and no food. They have fainted several times.
I have seen last night a very objective presentation of the actual situation In Tibet, by Robert Burns, journalist and professor specialized in Tibetan studies. Tomorrow in the afternoon we’ll go to an orphanage for Tibetan children, whose parents are in jail or died. Together with some Israeli friends, trained in psychotherapy and/or theatre we’ll organize some interactive games and activities. It actually is that occidental feeling of “I want to do something…”. The children don’t suffer: they have no way to tell the difference and to understand their situation.

Besides, Tibetans smile anyway, no matter the disgrace they are in…
“March to Tibet”: tomorrow, supporters from India will march between Rajghat and Janta for a free Tibet.

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The reason I’m writing right now is to ask you to light a candle. “A Candle for Tibet”. While the candle burns I want to ask you to spend some moments thinking “how would that be”:
– not to be able to call your own father because if he answers he goes straight to jail;
– to don’t have a clue whether your own brother died in jail is alive or somewhere in between;
– to witness the disappearance from right under your eyes of a culture as rich and great as the Tibetan culture is;
– to not be allowed to pray to your own God;
– to be denied access to education;
– to be moved from place to place over night, to be cut away from your roots together with thousands of other families, all in the name of “protecting grass”…

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Thank you! Right now you are in a harmonious connection with 100 millions more people!
If you can, do promote the idea. If a friend of yours will light a candle, maybe he’ll thank you to.  🙂

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