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I am curious about how the temple looks in the dark so I go and let my candle late in the evening. I find Sonam at the temple’s entrance. His parents came from Tibet in 1959 and raised him in a deep and wild region of India. He gets to see them during the winter holidays. Sonam in 30 and he’s wearing the monk habits since he was 14.

He lives a simple life, following the Dharma (The Way, the Buddhist teachings) and this makes him feel happy. Monks like Sonam cannot get married or have any sexual intercourse. He’s very open and answers my questions without hesitations but in the end he asks me to don’t publish his photo.

Sonam lives in the main temple, where he has a bed, meals, space for studying, praying and meditating. He receives around 2 euros per month for buying soap, toothpaste and so on. He doesn’t want more and he doesn’t need more. We have a very interesting conversation on Buddhist teachings and he clears many of my doubts and questions. Which clarity leads to more questions. 🙂

I ask him what he’s passionate about and his mind searches the answer for a while. Because he loves everything he does…

He sometimes goes swimming, in the weekends. He likes to study grammar and Tibetan poetry.

“May all the human beings on this earth live in peace and harmony!”

Sonam is one of those who forget about themselves and pray for all of us… For me, for you, for the Chinese people…

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