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I start to miss somehow deeper conversations, those ones that go deeper than intercultural dialogue. In thesame day Roopa and two smart guys appear: Francisco from Spain and Anurah form Canada/India. New topics, stories, recent information, midnight thoughts…It all happens with harmony, honesty and authenticity.

Roopa is very natural and spontaneous. In the category “nothing just happens”, it seems that she’s one of those persons I simply had to meet. Roopa comes from Mumbai but she spent many years out of India. She’s got the body of a 20 years old and I cannot believe her when she speaks about her age. Life offered her the chance to understand so many things and her spiritual perspective has strong grounds.

I leave from Arambol the next day but we meet again, by “coincidence”! We travel the same direction so she offers me transportation.  🙂

Our ways cross again in Mumbai and Roopa takes care of me when I get sick. Very attentive to my states and needs, full of affection and protective, Roopa is the perfect mother!

She’s got an amazing house and her daughter is a student in USA. I have no good enough words in my vocabulary to express my gratitude! A deep feeling of humanity. Pure and unconditional.